The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

To Resident and Fellow Members of the NYSSA,

The time of year has arrived when we are looking to recruit a new wave of New York State Society of Anesthesiologists Resident and Fellow Section (NYSSA-RFS) officers.

We are looking for a group of motivated anesthesia residents or fellows, with an interest in leadership and advocacy. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with NYSSA and ASA leaders, as we continue to improve the care we provide to our patients.

The following positions are available:
1. President-Elect: Two-year commitment, will continue as President during second year. July 2018 thru June 2020.
2. Secretary/Treasurer: One-year commitment. July 2018 thru June 2019.
3. Media Officer: Responsible for managing NYSSA-RFS social media presence and overseeing submissions to quarterly issues of Resident and Fellow Section of Sphere. One-year commitment. July 2018 thru June 2019.

Applications should include the following:
  • A short (250 words or less) statement of purpose that explains your interest and motivation, and includes the positions for which you would like to be considered
  • A brief C.V. highlighting leadership and advocacy experiences
  • A short statement of support from your residency program director

    Officer positions include the opportunity for reimbursed attendance to the ASA Annual Meeting, the ASA Legislative Conference, and the NYSSA Legislative Day.

    Applications should be submitted to and

    Please submit no later than midnight, Friday, June 1, 2018.


    Dave Currie, M.D. – President, NYSSA-RFS
    Cheng-Ting Lee, M.D. – President-Elect, NYSSA-RFS
    Sam Satler, M.D. – Secretary/Treasurer, NYSSA-RFS
    Morgan Montgomery, M.D. – Media Officer, NYSSA-RFS