The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

Get NYSSA-PGA Member Discount on 2014 Yankee Tickets

Come out to Yankee Stadium in 2015!

NY Yankees Team Photo

The New York Society of Anesthesiologists is pleased to offer NY Yankees ticket savings to its members!

Share unforgettable memories with family, friends and associates.

With this program, you will receive anywhere from 10-50% on various games, in all seating areas.

NY Yankees Logo

Click on Yankees logo and follow the instructions below.

After you click on the logo, you will be brought to the NYSSA dedicated website.

  • Choose the game you are looking to purchase for, click “find tickets.” Enter the case sensitive promo code “NYSSA” and click “go.”
  • Select the number of tickets.
  • Select your desired area of the Stadium.
  • Click “find seats.”
  • Choose the seat location you would like to purchase.
  • Click “add to cart.” Enter your Account ID or E-mail Address. Enter your password.
  • If you do not have an account, click “Create an account.” Choose the delivery method “Ticket Fast.” Immediately after you submit your order, you must click on the “print tickets” link. When accepting or confirming any location, please avoid using a Smartphone, tablet, or mobile device unless it is connected to a printer.
  • Click “checkout.” Choose your Payment Option.
  • Enter all necessary credit and billing information.
  • Click “next step.” Review your order.
  • Check the box that you agree with the Terms of Use.
  • Click “submit order.” After you have clicked “submit order,” you must wait for the next page to load, and click “print tickets.”
  • Once you click “print tickets,” your PDFs will automatically download and will be ready for you to print.

Questions? Contact: Matt Dixon, New York Yankees, Account Executive | 646-977-8962