The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

District 3

District 3 Officers

OfficeNameTerm Ends
PresidentIyabo Muse, M.D., FASA December 2024
Vice PresidentJoey M. Mancuso, D.O.December 2024
Secretary & CME ChairAmaresh Vydyanathan, M.B.B.S.December 2024
TreasurerSamian Yaghoubian M.D.December 2024
Assistant SecretaryShamantha Reddy, M.D., FASADecember 2024
Resident RepresentativeDaniel Tuchman, M.D.December 2024
DirectorCheryl K. Gooden, M.D., FAAP, FASADecember 2024
Alternate DirectorIyabo Muse, M.D., FASA December 2024

District 3 Delegates

NameTerm Ends
Apolonia E. Abramowicz, M.D., FASADecember 2024
Corrie Amos, M.D.December 2024
Susan N. Epps, M.D.December 2024
Joey Mancuso, D.O.December 2024
Savita Manglik, M.D.December 2024
Marina Moguilevitch, M.D., FASADecember 2024
Iyabo Muse, M.D., FASADecember 2024
Irene Osborn, M.D.December 2024
Prakash J. Rao, M.D.December 2024
Shamantha G. Reddy, M.D., FASADecember 2024
Amaresh Vydyanathan, M.B.B.S., M.S.December 2024
Matthew Wecksell, M.D., FASADecember 2024
Saman Yaghoubiann D.O.December 2024

District 3 Alternate Delegates

NameTerm Ends
Preeti Anand, M.D.December 2024
Moses Bairamian, M.D.December 2024
Susan L. Bogdan, M.D.December 2024
Daniel Ginsberg, M.D.December 2024
Bianca Jambhekar, M.D. December 2024
Savita Manglik, M.D.December 2024
Jean Ronel Maurice, M.D., Ph.D.December 2024
Dheeraj Nagpal, M.D.December 2024
Isabel Pesola, M.D.December 2024
Mike Rahimi, M.D.December 2024
Naum Shaparin, M.D.December 2024
Yelena Spitzer, M.D.December 2024
Alla Spivak, D.O.December 2024

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