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FIRE in the OR, What Every Anesthesiologist Needs to Know

Effective Teamwork and Communication During Crisis Situations Improve Patient Outcomes

To manage a fire remember, RACE: Rescue, Alert, Contain, Extinguish

ACC/AHA Guidelines
The perioperative management of patients with coronary artery stents and on dual antiplatelet therapy depends on what type of stent was placed, when they were placed, and whether the surgery is elective, urgent or emergent.

Perioperative Management of Anticoagulation in Patients with Coronary Stents

Obesity is a major risk factor for cesarean delivery

The maternal body mass index: a strong association with delivery route.

During Cardiac Arrest: Remember C-A-B
High-quality Chest Compressions first, then airway and breathing

Ultrasound guidance for IJ cannulation decreases risk of inadvertent arterial cannulation