The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

Hello all and welcome to the NYSSA’s Ad Hoc Committee on Women Physicians webpage.

The mission of the Ad Hoc Committee on Women Physicians, is for a strong network of female leaders to educate, empower and discuss continuing and current issues in anesthesiology and medicine. The committee strives to enable its members to advance, collaborate, lead and seek equal opportunities in all avenues of medicine and anesthesia. We will support, encourage and recruit future generations of women in anesthesiology, which will not only benefit women in our field but women in medicine as a whole.

We hope you find this page and the information here useful, interesting, helpful and engaging. We welcome your suggestions and input. We anticipate this page being continually updated with respect to news, a calendar of events, as well as growing and evolving in arenas concerning work-life balance, contract negotiation, mentoring programs, conflict resolution, etc.

So, welcome again and let’s journey together through this new frontier.

Melinda Aquino, M.D.

Chairwoman, Ad Hoc Committee on Women Physicians


Janine Limoncelli, M.D.

Vice–Chairwoman, Ad Hoc Committee on Women Physicians