The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.


Scott B. Groudine, M.D.


Academic Rank and Title:

Section Chief, Clinical Research
Albany Medical College
47 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, New York 12208

NYSSA Involvements

New York Post Graduate Assembly
Alternate Delegate, 1986-1991
Delegate, 1991-2004
Member, Governmental, Legal and Economic Affairs Committee, 1988-2005
Secretary-Treasurer (District #5), 1988-1989
Vice-President (District #5), 1989-1990
President (District #5), 1990-1991
Member, Continuing Medical Ed Committee (District #5), 1989-1991
Assistant Editor of NYSSA SPHERE, 1992-2003
Member, Reference Committee, 1992-2003
Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Educational Direction, 1993
Committee on Continuing Medical Education (District#4), 1993
President (District#4), 1995
Alternate Director (District #4), 1993-
Director (District #4), 1996-2003
Chairman, Governmental, Legal and Economic Affairs Committee, 1996-2003
Member, Sub-Committee on Mini-Workshops, 1995-2003
and Workshops, 2007
Member, Committee on Critical Care and Pain practice, 2002
Vice-President NYSSA, 2002-2003
President-Elect, NYSSA, 2003-2004
President, NYSSA, 2005
Member, Judicial and Awards Committee, 2006-2011
ASA Director New York State, 2012-Present


American Society of Anesthesiologists
Alternate Delegate, 1993-1995
Sub-Committee on Critical Care, 1993
Delegate, 1996-2005
Executive Committee of ASAPAC, 1999-2005
Secretary/Treasurer of ASAPAC, 2003-2005
Committee on Problem-Based Learning Discussions, 1999-2005
Ad Hoc Task force on Office Based Anesthesia, 1999-2002
Governmental Affairs Committee, 2000-2009
Chair of Mid Atlantic and New England Sub-Committee, 2001-2009
(Governmental Affairs Committee)
Reference Committee, member, 1999, 2001,2003, 2007
State Legislative Chairman, 2000-2009
Carrier Advisory Committee, member, 1998-present
Ad Hoc Task force on Study Payment Methodology, 2003-2005
Anesthesia Care Team Committee, 2005-present
Alternate Director from NYS to the ASA Board of Directors, 2005-2011
Director from NYS to the ASA Board of Directors, 2012
ASA Liaison to The American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses, 2007-present
ASA Subcommittee on Neuromuscular Transmission, 2007-2010
ASA Committee On Surgical Anesthesiology, 2008-present
ASA Ad-Hoc Committee on Governance & Structure, 2008-2009

American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists
Member, 1990-present
Member, Committee on Governmental and Public Affairs, 1996-1998
European Society of Anesthetists (Affiliate Membership), 2005-2009


High School
B.N. Cardozo, 1970-1973
New York, New York

Undergraduate College
University of Rochester, 1973-1977
Rochester, New York
B.A. in Biology and Psychology Cum Laude

Medical School
SUNY Upstate at Syracuse (M.D.), 1977-1981
Syracuse, New York

Professional Training and Academic Career:

University Hospitals at Buffalo, 1981-1982
Buffalo, New York
PGY 1 General Surgery

Case Western Reserve University Hospital, 1982-1984
Cleveland, Ohio
PGY 2&3 Anesthesia

Auburn Memorial Hospital, 1984-1992
Auburn, New York
Assistant Chairman, Department of Anesthesia, 1986-1992
Assistant Medical Director, Respiratory Therapy, 1986-1992
Member, Critical Care Committee, 1988-1992

Seneca Falls Hospital, 1984-1992
Seneca Falls, New York
Consulting Staff

Geneva General Hospital, 1986-1992
Geneva, New York
Consulting Staff

Taylor Brown Hospital, 1986-1992
Waterloo, New York
Consulting Staff

Albany Medical Center Hospital, 1992-1994
Albany, New York, 2005-2009
Section Chief, Critical Care

Albany Medical Center Hospital, 1994-present
Albany, New York
Section Chief, Clinical Research