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Get Involved

Whether you choose to get involved to gain leadership opportunities, build your resume, or give back to your profession, you’ll find a meaningful way to participate in the NYSSA community.

Volunteer.Volunteer with an NYSSA committee, or assist with specific opportunities on a project-to-project basis.

Leadership. Organizations of all types may succeed or fail on the strength of their leaders, and NYSSA is no different. From decision making to the establishment of an organizational culture where staff and volunteers feel welcome, included and empowered to contribute, strong leadership ensures that we have the direction and resources needed to meet our goals. Leadership typically involves a partnership between the staff team and a board of directors, supported by engaged volunteers who serve as the members’ eyes and ears, and provide direction and counsel to the Executive Director and other staff.

Contribute. NYSSA’s resources draw heavily on the knowledge and experience of our members. You can contribute in a variety of ways:

  • Be a resource for SphereHelp the editors plan future content for NYSSA’s quarterly publication. Share a news tip, volunteer to write a Sphere article, or suggest possible sources and ideas for future articles.
  • Influence your peers. How has NYSSA membership benefited you? Share your story with colleagues. 
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  • Invest. Contribute to the future of anesthesiology by supporting the Anesthesiology Foundation of New York (AFNY). AFNY awards scholarships and grants to enhance the training and education of the most enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed anesthesiologists working in the developing world.
  • Advertising and exhibiting. Find out all the ways you can increase your visibility and your business by advertising and exhibiting with NYSSA.

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